For enrolled PhD students

  • Welcome to the Graduate Program in Medicine, Culture and Society. It is a program for students affiliated with medical humanities and science and technology studies at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. I hope you will get three exciting years and that the program can help facilitate your work
  • The program is run by an open board – people can join if they wish to shape the activities. The current board members are cc’ed here for you to see who they are. You may contact any of us with ideas and suggestions
  • Note also that Morten Skovdal besides being board member also is PhD coordinator which means that he can be contacted with ideas for strengthening the social connections among PhD students. He can also be contacted in case you encounter challenges related to your workplace you want to discuss with someone other than your close colleagues, supervisor or local management
  • In January and August, we run a journal club where people bring Table of Contents from different journals from the past 6 months to allow all of us an overview. You can find an overview attached. Do let me know if you wish to know more or to participate and add to the list of journals – or if you just wish to learn more about it
  • Every Autumn there is an annual meeting.
  • Our seminars and other events are announced through the Center for Medical Science and Technology Studies. You can get information through the FaceBook homepage or by signing up as member of the center or as external recipient of announcements. Please contact Michelle Larsen to do so (
  • You will also receive various news and updates from the Head of Programme
  • The program has three special PhD courses you can use to get ECTS fitted your personal needs. To hear more about these please contact Head of the Programme, Klaus Høyer,