PhD Students - MedSciTech PhD Graduate Programme – University of Copenhagen

PhD Students - past and present

The following PhD students are currently enroled or has formerly been enroled in the Medicine, Culture and Society graduate programme:

Name Project Supervisor  
Guston Sondin Klausner Unfamiliarizing the Science Film: Somatic Film Lab Louise Emma Whiteley
Helene Scott-Fordsmand Between living subject and object of investigation: approaches to the object in medical science Karin Tybjerg
Lea Larsen Skovgaard Public Legitimacy of Personalized Medicine in Denmark Klaus Høyer
Ivana Bogicevic Personalised Oncology Mette Nordahl Svendsen
Iben Emilie Brøndum Christensen Exploring experiences and practices of self-care, coproduction and coherence in care in the everyday life of people with severe mental and physical illnesses Susanne Reventlow
Anne Sofie Rothe Børsch The Role of Schools in Supporting Refugee and Immigrant Students' Mental Wellbeing Morten Skovdal
Sarah Tighe Towards a Digital Platform for the Self-Management of Chronic Disease Lars Kayser
Gifty Sunkwa-Mills An ethnographic study of the occurrence of healthcare associated infections in selected health facilities in Ghana Britt Tersbøl
Claudia Maria
eHealth with minors living
with a chronic illness
Henriette Langstrup
Annelise Mortensen Needs assessment and decision-making tool (NEAT-decision) integrated in clinical practice to enhance patient involvement in Head and Neck Cancer Rehabilitation – a comparative controlled trial Mary Jarden
Tine Filges Ill but first and foremost
young - roads to a youth-friendly hospital
Kjeld Schmiegelow
Francisca Nordfalk Research Participation in
Denmark: Policy, Practice and Experience
Klaus Høyer
Zainab Afshan Sheikh Intensified data sourcing in Pakistan Klaus Høyer
Rikke Torenholt Pedersen Social and organisational
implications of a new eHealth rehabilitation program for cancer survivors
Henriette Langstrup
Julie Høgsgaard Andersen Cross-sectorial
collaboration on young adults with common mental disorders and other
psycho-social problems
Annette Sofie Davidsen
Anne Marie Rieffestahl Patient Involvement in Education of Danish Medical Student - An Anthropological Study
of Patient Involvement and its Impact on Medical Students and their Training as Future Doctors
Susanne Reventlow
Alexandra Brandt Ryborg Jønsson Finding a way through multi-morbidity. A medical anthropological study of user involvement in GP consultations and self-care among elderly patients with multiple chronic diseases, with a specific focus on gender perspectives Niels De Fine Olivarius
Ane Pilegaard Sørensen Body, Museum, Medicine: Spatial strategies in exhibition design and science communication at Medical Museion Karin Tybjerg
Iben Mundbjerg Gjødsbøl Dissolutions of personhood and life Mette Nordahl Svendsen
Malene Bødker Negotiating needs, negotiating old age: A practice study of transitions in eldercare as played out in the introduction of enabling care Henriette Langstrup
Camilla Lawaetz Wimmelmann Obesity and policy Signild Vallgårda
Emma Pettersson Tactile aesthetics in museums Thomas Söderqvist
Gritt Overbeck Implementing Collaborative Care for anxiety and depression in Denmark: A qualitative study of processes, challenges and opportunities Annette Sofie Davidsen
Laura Emdal Navne Potentials of persons and life in neonatology Mette Nordahl Svendsen
Elisabeth Søndergaard Social relationships influence on children's health. An anthropological study of social relationships and health among children from poor socioeconomic areas on Lolland-Falster Susanne Dalsgaard Reventlow
Mie Seest Dam Translational Health Research in a Global field: An Ethnographic Study of the relations between Laboratory Piglets and Hospitalized Preterm Infants in Neonatal Research on Nutrition Mette Nordahl Svendsen
Rikke Vibeke Nielsen The effect of steroids as add-on analgesics for postoperative pain after spine surgery Jørgen Berg Dahl
Julie Christina Grew ICD technology for prevention of sudden death: Relations between patient, clinic, and politics Mette Nordahl Svendsen
Morten Hillgaard Bülow A genealogical study of the concept of ‘healthy ageing’ and its relation to the notion of ‘human enhancement’ Thomas Söderqvist
Sebastian Mohr Transnationalizing sperm - transnationalizing standards. Mapping the choreography of sperm donation Klaus Høyer
Andreas Hover Lundh Conflicts of interest in biomedical publishing Peter C. Gøtzsche
Louise Berendt Gennemførelse og publikation af akademisk lægemiddelforskning Kim Peder Dalhoff
Maria Olejaz Tellerup Post-vital living: exploring how dead bodies are made productive in the medical sceinces and how policies regulating the area administer notions of person and body Klaus Høyer
Barbara Ann Barrett Guidelines in action. An anthropological analysis of prenatal screening. John Brodersen
Aske Juul Lassen Health technologies in practice: ageing and chronic disease Michael Kjær
Anette Stenslund The smell in the gallery: synaesthetic dimensions in medical culture Thomas Söderqvist
Sarah Wadmann Evidence and practice: The production and translation of medical knowledge about blood pressure lowering drugs in Denmark Klaus Høyer
Karen Dam Nielsen IT-støttet egenomsorg for ICD-patienter: et studie af sociale og organisatoriske udfordringer forbundet med etableringen af bæredygtige infrastrukturer i kronikerbehandling Mette Nordahl Svendsen
Adrian Joseph Bertoli Diabetes research commmunication and changing indentities of type 2 diabetes patients, 1960-2010 Thomas Söderqvist